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The process of evicting a tenant is complicated. If you want to remove the tenant and reclaim your property, you are required to follow the proper eviction procedures. You need to remember that using force to evict a tenant is an illegal process. It may lead to legal complications.

Before discussing the matter of removing a tenant, you need to understand what tenancy refers to. It is a legal contract between the landlord and a tenant. The terms and conditions of this contract allow the tenant to remain in the property of the landlord as long as they pay rent.

The tenancy agreement is the legal document which clears out the terms and conditions of the rent agreement. This agreement should be prepared and signed before the tenants rent property. It is important to have a written agreement as written documents help avoiding future legal problems.

To evict the tenant legally, you need to serve a notice stating your desire to have the property back. In case the tenants ignore the notice and still remain on the property, you are required to wait until the notice period expires.

After this, you need to send another notice which is called the notice of intention to seek possession. This notice is a clear indication that you want to seek Court’s assistance in removing the tenants. The tenant must receive the notice of intention, before you can apply for the possession order.

After you submit the application, the Court will review and consider everything. In case the Court grants the order to you, the tenants will have to leave the property within the given time. If the tenants still refuse to leave the property, you will have to apply for a warrant to the county Court.

In case the Court suspends the order, the tenants can remain on the property until the time they meet the conditions set by the Court.

According to the UK tenancy law, to remove the assured tenants from the property, you are required to apply for the grounds for possessions. You are required to establish valid reasons for requiring the property.

Removing squatters also involves a legal process. Squatters are the unauthorised occupants of the property. They do not have any legal documents which authorise them to remain in the property. They move in the abandoned property without even notifying the owners.

However, this does not permit you to use force against the squatters. You are required to follow the legal processes and wait for the Court’s decision to grant you possession order.